13. Vera Drmanovski ? Decorative Lettering & Illustration

I am still pinching myself… it is truly so amazing to have the extremely talented Vera Drmanovski as a guest on Joke’s Joyful Journey!

Vera is one of the most creative and super nice people I have had the pleasure of meeting. She is a Decorative Lettering Artist and Illustrator and her work is literally stunning.

In our lovely chat, Vera talks about her own creative journey – from Graphic Design, and video editing to paper art and other explorations – and how she brings them all in and how she has explores her passion for decorative lettering and intricate floral work ? Yes, you can find your jam as a Multipotentialite! Have a listen as Vera gives awesome tips on how to use the Shiny Object Syndrome to your advantage!

Vera mentions the importance of having and being part of a creative community and highlights her Lettering Ladies (@lettering_ladies): Jessica Molina (Instagram: @seejessletter), Alix Northrup (Instagram: @a.n.creative), Olga Muzician (Instagram: @olgamuzician), Flavia Salvadori (Instagram: @fvadesign), Lisa Taniguchi (Instagram: @lisa.taniguchi), Andrea Stan (Instagram: @i.am.mky). Their work is so wonderful, definitely check them out!

You can find Vera on almost every platform, under ‘Vera Drmanovski’, such as her own website www.veradrmanovski.com, and Instagram: @vera.drmanovski.

She has her own set of Floral Fusion brushes (including a great zine and instruction videos!) and so many other awesome products! Have a look at her shop: https://www.veradrmanovski.com/printed-goods

You can listen to her episode here:

Her quote is of her own making! “It takes time and a lot of coffee”. Have fun creating and tag us to show your creations!

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I have. Thank you and enjoy!

[Please find the transcript of the episode: 13. Vera Drmanovski_transcript_EN.]