13. Vera Drmanovski – Decorative Lettering & Illustration

I am still pinching myself… it is truly so amazing to have the extremely talented Vera Drmanovski as a guest on Joke’s Joyful Journey!

Vera is one of the most creative and super nice people I have had the pleasure of meeting. She is a Decorative Lettering Artist and Illustrator and her work is literally stunning.

In our lovely chat, Vera talks about her own creative journey – from Graphic Design, and video editing to paper art and other explorations – and how she brings them all in and how she has explores her passion for decorative lettering and intricate floral work. Yes, you can find your jam as a Multipotentialite! Have a listen as Vera gives awesome tips on how to use the Shiny Object Syndrome to your advantage!

Vera mentions the importance of having and being part of a creative community and highlights her Lettering Ladies (@lettering_ladies): Jessica Molina (Instagram: @seejessletter), Alix Northrup (Instagram: @a.n.creative), Olga Muzician (Instagram: @olgamuzician), Flavia Salvadori (Instagram: @fvadesign), Lisa Taniguchi (Instagram: @lisa.taniguchi), Andrea Stan (Instagram: @i.am.mky). Their work is so wonderful, definitely check them out!

You can find Vera on almost every platform, under ‘Vera Drmanovski’, such as her own website www.veradrmanovski.com, and Instagram: @vera.drmanovski.

She has her own set of Floral Fusion brushes (including a great zine and instruction videos!) and so many other awesome products! Have a look at her shop: https://www.veradrmanovski.com/printed-goods

You can listen to her episode here:

Her quote is of her own making! “It takes time and a lot of coffee”. Have fun creating and tag us to show your creations!

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I have. Thank you and enjoy!

[Please find the transcript of the episode: 13. Vera Drmanovski_transcript_EN.]

Quote - It Takes Time...

Quote – It Takes Time…

Coffee or tea for you?

I drank a lot of tea while making this piece. I love this quote by @vera.drmanovski and wow, her zine and Floral Fusion brushes are AMAZING!

Vera’s work is highly decorative and intricate and I used as many details as I could (and I know I can still add some) She has a tutorial to guide you!

If you haven’t yet, definitely check out Vera’s episode on the Joyful Journey podcast (link in bio) and her zine and brushes.

In her zine, Vera has 10 tips for decorative artwork, all in one place. The tips and info are great and the brushes are so much fun! Honestly, you’ll be drawing forever, haha.

Creating pieces does take a long time but with her brushes, you can speed up the process and get things done quicker. And they’re so cute.

Have you gotten creative with Vera’s quote yet? And have you tried her zine and brushes?

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