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Original hand-drawn logo design

Do you love your logo?

How awesome would it be to have a logo that you just love?

I can totally help you! I design and create a unique and hand-drawn logo that is 100% you and that you love through and through. Your new logo will have the fresh energy to show how amazing you are!

✨ It’s time to shine! ✨

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Sketched & digitized

Sketched on paper and iPad, digitized on the computer so your logo can be used on various platforms and on business cards and other merchandise. No templates! 100% original and 100% YOU! 

How does it work?

Personal attention, real collaboration and your smile: that’s my goal! I believe that together we will reach the best results. That’s why I would like to share the process with you, so you will know what to expect. 🙂


You can schedule a Free Match Call via Zoom where we will meet each other. We will go over a few questions and you tell me what you’re looking for. This call is completely free and the perfect moment to see if we’re a match 🙂

Moodboard & Discovery Call

If we’re a match (yay!) and we’ve handled the official biz (contract signing, terms & conditions, deposit paid, you know, that kind of stuff :)), we schedule a ‘Discovery Call’. Before the call, you create your moodboard and fill out the Brief Questionnaire. During the call, we’ll go deeper into these, who you are, what you do, what makes you happy and what you want to show. We determine the delivery and feedback dates together.

1 hand-drawn concept

I take all that inspiration and start the sketching process. You will receive 1 hand-drawn concept and presentation of your logo working in ‘real life’. This way, you will get a really good idea of and feel for the concept. 

3 Collaboration Rounds

There are a total of 3 Collaboration Rounds:
1) We have a call where we go over the presentation together. This round gives the most room for changes (if any ;)).
2) I will process any feedback and you will receive the adjusted design. 

3) After your go-ahead, the design is fine-tuned and finalised. Anything you’d like to tweak (though no major design changes ;)), is possible in this last round.



 Yay! You’re 100% happy with the design! Whoop! After receipt of the final payment, you will receive your logo in the agreed formats and versions so you can use your logo on all sorts of platforms and in different sizes. 


We finished your logo project and your logo is out there in the wild. Wooohooo! This of course makes us very happy :). I will ask you what you thought of our collaboration and if you are willing to write a Google Review. This way, we can savour the wonderful collaboration and also learn from things and improve the process. That way, we’re 100% happy all the way!

A logo that you’ll fall in love with

Social Media Expert Marieke from asked me to design her new logo. She had been trying to create a logo on different design platforms but she really wanted something unique that was made especially for her. We dreamed and brainstormed together and after the concepts and feedback rounds, we came to an amazing result! We are both in love with the logo ?

I was looking for somebody to create a logo for my new business name. It really had to be a unique logo that nobody else has and that is totally me. I then met Joke and she helped me tremendously! She doesn’t stop until you are in love with your logo! She asks the right questions and she is very committed. She really wants your logo to be 100% you and she definitely succeeded! If you are looking for a new logo, Joke is your girl. You will get a logo that you love!

Marieke Janssen

a logo that is 100% you!

Fehim Nizam from ‘De Wervingsdokter’ is your awesome Recruitment biz partner with over 15 years of experience in various industries. He helps organisations build solid recruitment foundations. He loves metal & Lego. He is also a fan of Star Wars. Colour inspiration: black, blue, bronze and white. For this logo, I wanted to highlight the building part. And Lego. We’re both very excited about the result ?!

At first I thought I didn’t need a logo, then I decided I wanted one and the way Joke guided me through the design process, empowered me as a freelancer. With my logo, I now feel more confident as an entrepreneur. I went from ‘wanting’ a logo to ‘needing’ one.

I even got my own merch now, which is also taken care of by Joke. She makes sure that we use the right fonts, size, etc. so the merch looks exactly like I want it to look.

Everything that is me is in my logo.

Fehim Nizam

Recruitment Specialist, De Wervingsdokter

Let’s get your logo party started!

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Joke - The Green Nib


I’m Joke and I specialise in hand-drawn designs to help business owners and their biz shine ✨

You can hire me for: 

✏️ Design (artwork, digital, print, etc.)
✏️ Logos
✏️ Signage (chalk boards, murals, etc.)
✏️ And more!

You and your business are awesome! It’s time to shine ✨ Let’s chat and see how we can work together!

Yay a new logo!!

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