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Download your free motivational quotes to trace, colour and/or use as wallpaper! Have fun 🥳

Looking for motivational  lettering?
I’m your girl!

Hi, my name is Joke and I design lettering pieces that motivate and inspire. My mission is to make you smile and spread joy 🤩!


Custom Lettering

Custom Logo Design

Shine with your business through a uniquely hand-drawn logo that is 100% you! Check out the page Logo Design for more information about the process, examples and reviews. You can schedule a free match call too :). Looking forward to hearing from you.


Welcome to ‘Joke’s Joyful Journey’, a show where I chat with amazing creative people about their own creative journey, Multipotentialism and how to deal with having many ideas, those Shiny Objects and Imposter Syndrome. And best of all: we have a lot of fun!

At the end of every episode, each guest has a quote they like to share. Use this quote in a creative way and share it with us. We’d love to see your creations!

Enjoy the talks; these brilliant people share some golden tips, tricks and just general wonderfulness. Make sure to give them a follow.

Have fun!


I was looking for somebody to create a logo for my new business name. It really had to be a unique logo that nobody else has and that is totally me. I then met Joke and she helped me tremendously! She doesn’t stop until you are in love with your logo! She asks the right questions and she is very committed. She really wants your logo to be 100% you and she definitely succeeded! If you are looking for a new logo, Joke is your girl. You will get a logo that you love!

Marieke Janssen

Social Media Expert, MaMarketing

I really enjoyed working with you. I wanted cards with different quotes that I could send to my clients. It was so valuable to confer and brainstorm together and I was soooo happy when I saw the end result. I had an image in my head but could not see clearly how it would work on paper. You were able to take that image and make it tangible on paper. The look and feel were spot on! Not only did you create beautiful cards, you also turned it into a really nice experience. Thank you Joke!

Lieke van Cann

Applied Psychologist, Lieke Coaching