I help you visualise your ideas & processes (NL&EN)
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Visual Notes (Zakelijk Tekenen) – NL&EN

Do you have a big pile of documentation that you’d like to simplify? How about your company policy, (complex) processes or a company event to help your employees or customers?

Through ‘simple’ drawings and text, I help clarify your information so your audience understands your message. Because you have a visual image, the message will stay with you and your audience. Even weeks if not months later!

Joke heeft voor MET ggz de verschillende mogelijkheden die medewerkers hebben betreffende medewerker veiligheid op een aansprekende manier gevisualiseerd. Ze is in staat om snel de kern uit complexe materie te destilleren en dat vervolgens te vertalen in toegankelijke en begrijpelijke tekeningen. Daarnaast is het een fijne opdrachtnemer om mee te werken die flexibel is en graag meedenkt.

Cora in 't Groen

HR Manager | Bestuurslid | Jurist, MET ggz

Your Mural
Your impact

Murals & Signage

Take your message and go BIG! With a mural or window signage, your message will make an even bigger impact. Think about your (home) gym, your office or any other room. Murals start as little as 1m2. Contact me for more information and get your space spiced up!


My custom designs are lettering and illustration-focused to help you get your message into the world. From book covers to personalised cards, I’m here for it!

Check out my portfolio and Instagram for my work and send me a message to get your project started. I would love to hear from you!

 Hand-crafted Logos

You are unique and so is your business. So why settle for a logo that’s not? With an original hand-crafted logo design, you will stand out in the crowd and make an impact that lasts!

To come to a design that matches you and your audience, we have a discovery call where we do a deep dive into who you are and what you do. What are you core values? What is your vision? We go into all that and I will craft a hand-drawn design for you. I believe in working together so we go over the design together to make sure we are both loving the final result!

Click on the button below to learn more about the process and to see examples of my work. I have the awesomest clients and you can read their reviews on working with me and their corresponding designs.

If you’re looking to get a one-of-a-kind hand-drawn logo, please send me an email (in**@th*********.nl) or schedule a free 20-minute match call.

Joke - The Green Nib


I’m Joke and I’m the Lettering Artist and Illustrator behind ‘The Green Nib’. Nice to meet you! Please check out my ‘About‘ page to read a bit more about me and how ‘The Green Nib’ started out.

If you like to work together, just click on the button below and let’s chat!