14. Paloma Hodgins – Graphic Designer

The lovely, creative, and bubbly Paloma Hodgins is on the show! It is so wonderful to chat with her, as she is amazing.

Grab a cuppa and have listen to what it was like for Graphic Designer, Student, Tutor, Mentor, Mentee and Circus Art Enthusiast ? Paloma to realize ‘there was a word for what she thought was chaos in her mind’ ? Woohooo! Furthermore, she has two BIG tips for those who want to do it ALL!

Paloma not only shares the love for shiny objects and bringing joy to the world, she sparkles and shines.
Her quote is one that speaks to many and we can’t wait for you to get creative with it: “”All adventures, especially into unknown territories are scary” – Sally Ride

You can find Paloma on LinkedIn (⁠⁠Paloma Hodgins⁠⁠) and Instagram (⁠⁠@Paloma_Design_Create⁠⁠). Make sure to give her a follow and show her ?!

Enjoy the episode and the wonderful energy! 

Please find the transcript here: 14. Paloma_Transcript EN