12. Catelijne Gerlag – Multipotential Coach

Yesss! In my multipotentialite journey to creative clarity, my next guest just simply HAD to be here! And I’m super excited she said yesss!

Wearing many hats, following your passions, feeling like you cannot do it all and how to deal with your ‘Imposter’… my wonderful friend, Catelijne Gerlag, talks about it all.

Catelijne is a Multipotential Coach, helping out multipotentialites (how to) choose and what to do if you’re feeling stuck or when you have too many ideas. Listening and talking to Catelijne was fantastic and she has the best energy and tips. She has free workshops too!

You can find her on Instagram: @catelijnecoach and on Facebook: @catelijnecoach. And, of course, her website is brilliant too: catelijnegerlag.nl

Her quotes (obviously ;)) are equally amazing. Will you get creative with them? Tag us! We look forward to your creations.

You can listen to her episode here:

Have fun 🙂

[Please find the transcripts here: Dutch & English]

Quote - Being Multipassionate

Quote – Being Multipassionate

“Being Multi-passionate is not your Achilles Heel, it’s your Superpower” – @marieforleo

This quote is one of the quotes @catelijnecoach mentioned in her podcast episode and she lives by it.

I love it because being multi-passionate can sometimes feel overwhelming and like you’re not an expert at anything so you can’t do anything. That line or thought can go downhill you know, so having a quote like this as a reminder is very cool.

It can be your mantra!

Because honestly, it’s true! Having so many talents and being multi-faceted is your Superpower!

Remember that.

I have created this piece on the iPad Pro, using the app @procreate and the @apple pencil and – of course – many styles and fonts and brushes because I love the multiness ??

Have you gotten creative with Catelijne’s quotes yet?

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