Joke’s Joyful Journey

A Multipotential Journey to Creative Clarity

Welcome to ‘Joke’s Joyful Journey’, a podcast show where I chat with amazing creative people about their own creative journey, Multipotentialism and how to deal with having many ideas, those Shiny Objects and Imposter Syndrome. And best of all: we have a lot of fun!

At the end of every episode, each guest has a quote they like to share. Use this quote in a creative way and share it with us. We’d love to see your creations!

Enjoy the talks; these brilliant people share some golden tips, tricks and just general wonderfulness. Make sure to give all the guests a follow.

Have fun!

Recent Episodes

I’m still a bit fan-girling, hehe. Having the very talented Natalie Brown from Threeologie as a guest on ‘Joke’s Joyful Journey’ is such a treat! What a way to conclude the series! — read more —

From South Caroline, USA, my lovely friend Karla Fripp is joining ‘Joke’s Joyful Journey’. Karla and I have collaborated on her ‘Meet The Maker’ series and now I’m thrilled to have her as a guest on the show and work together again. — read more —

From the Outback in Australia, the wonderful Mixed Media Fine Artist & Creative Coach Tara Leslie is joining this episode of ‘Joke’s Joyful Journey’. Tara has been creative her whole life, she could draw before she could write, and in her professional career she has dipped her toes in many ponds; from being trained as a Graphic Designer to doing color correcting. — read more —

Meeting my talented course buddy and friend, Rosanna Palumbo, from Love Letter Studio, has been so much fun. In our chat on ‘Joke’s Joyful Journey’, we deep dive into the world of lettering, calligraphy, Procreate, the iPad and our nemesis, vectorization. — read more —

From Istanbul, Turkey, my wonderful and talented friend Ezgi Platin joins ‘Joke’s Joyful Journey’. So great to have her on the show! — read more —

My next guest has been 40 years in the signwriting biz and she is a fantastic person and friend: Liane Barker from Brush and Pen Studio and Barker Signs. — read more —

So happy to announce this episode of Joke’s Joyful Journey with the wonderful Watercolor Artist, Educator and friend from India: Shreya Reddy A.K.A. An Artistic Chicken. — read more —

Energy Bouncing! That’s what this episode is all about. The wonderful Anna Kamal from Love Letters SG & Love Letters Academy has such a fun and warm energy, it was an absolute treat to have her as a guest on Joke’s Joyful Journey. — read more —

Woohoo, I’m still so grateful and pinching myself: the wonderful Lettering Artist Max Juric from Lettering Daily is my next guest!

Transitioning from graffiti into lettering and calligraphy, Max has been drawing and writing letters professionally for over 7 years. He runs the awesome platform and content hub ‘Lettering Daily’. — read more —

My amazing book-loving and creative friend, Verzana Mokiem, shares with us her story. We chat and laugh a lot in this episode. We talk about the bigger goals, living the life, and being loved by family and friends. But also about getting overwhelmed by (doing) the dishes and eating pie. —- read more (EN) —-

I still cannot believe this actually happened… The brilliantly creative and nicest human James Martin, co-founder of Creative and Animation studio Baby Giant Design Co, and, of course, his personal brand Made By James, is on Joke’s Joyful Journey! Waaahhh! Pinch, pinch eh! —- read more (EN) —-

I’m so happy to share this fun chat with you! My wonderful friend, Event Planner and Lettering Artist Vivi Cardoso from Calligravivs shares her story, how she loves singing, dancing, always being creative and how she does all the different things. —- read more (EN) —-

“No one is you, and that is your power” (-Dave Grohl-) This quote rings so true and is from the wonderful and talented Alanna Flowers. I’m still smiling ear to ear from this chat. —- read more (EN) —-

“Play Art and Spread Joy”

This is the motto of the creative virtuoso Kimberly Snider from Play Art With Kim. And you know, chatting with Kim always makes me so happy and she really does spread joy. —- read more (EN) —-

“You need to be yourself to be happy”

This is one awesome quote by fellow tattoo lover, coach, trainer, multi-passionate and Improv Bianca Simons. —- read more (EN) —-

“Denk in mogelijkheden in plaats van beperkingen”.

Jurist en brievenbusgeluk-brenger Peretta Hoekstra van deelt haar mooie inzichten over het runnen van een eigen creatieve bedrijf, 

—-Lees meer (NL & EN) —-

The lovely, creative, and bubbly Paloma Hodgins is on the show! It is so wonderful to chat with her, as she is amazing. —-read more —-

I am still pinching myself… it is truly so amazing to have the extremely talented Vera Drmanovski as a guest on Joke’s Joyful Journey! Vera is one of the most creative and super nice people I have had the pleasure of meeting. —-read more —-

Yesss! In my multipotentialite journey to creative clarity, my next guest just simply HAD to be here! And I’m super excited she said yesss!

Wearing many hats, following your passions, feeling like you cannot do it all and how to deal with your ‘Imposter’… my wonderful friend, Catelijne Gerlag, talks about it all.

—-

Wooohoooo!!! Hold on to your hats & seats lovely people because the amazing and extremely talented Jimbo Bernaus is on the show! :O ? —-read more —-
My wonderful lettering friend Ingeborg is one of the most versatile and creative people I have ever met. In this episode of Joke’s Joyful Journey, Ingeborg shares her fantastic energy and […] —-read more —-
It was such a treat to have fellow Night Owl and Brand Strategist Brendan Mudryk on the show. Brendan is one of those amazing creative people who you just instantly like. In this episode, we talk about so many wonderful and interesting topics; including having an ADHD Brain, breaking things down […] —-read more —-
C.J. is one of my lettering heroes ? and I am so thrilled to have him on the show. Please join in on the wonderful conversation where C.J. shares his experience of working both as a freelance Lettering Artist as well as working at an agency. —-read more —-
Whenever Marieke and I chat, we just laugh. A lot. ?  Join in on the fun in this episode of ‘Joke’s Joyful Journey’ where Marieke and I talk about running a biz as a Social Media Manager as well as working part-time AND having a shop in homemade earrings.

—-

In this episode of ‘Joke’s Joyful Journey’, I’m chatting with Multipotentialite, world traveller and coach Digna van Lint. We talk about constellations (for both families as well as business), limiting beliefs and the Law of Attraction. ✨ —-read more —-
In this episode of ‘Joke’s Joyful Journey’, I’m chatting with the wonderful Estée Dauphin, a French-Canadian Art Director and Senior Graphic Designer with a brilliant big, scary hairy goal. —-read more —-
Nadine Wendel is extremely versatile and creative. She is a Project Manager by day, a knitting superhero and Urban Jungle Queen by night. She has her own podcast: Nadine’s Urban Jungle where she shares her journey of growing plants in her home. —- read more —
Dominique Falla is an amazing creative, founder of Typism, host of the Creative Spark Podcast, creator of the Funnelancing™ Movement and a Creative Funnel Coach redefining the way creative freelancers value their work. She has packaged everything she knows about building funnels into helping you build yours. —- read more —-
Wow! My first guest is the fantastic Aurelie Maron; she is a multi-passionate lettering artist from the Gold Coast, in Australia. Her mission is to produce the highest quality work for every client, on every creative project. She thrives to share her knowledge with upcoming designers and hand-letterers. 
—-