11. Jimbo Bernaus – ShoutBam – Lettering Artist

Wooohoooo!!! Hold on to your hats & seats lovely people because the amazing and extremely talented Jimbo Bernaus is on the show! :O ?  When I asked him if he would be interested in having a chat about lettering and Multipotentialism, I was so thrilled he said yes! And now the moment is finally here. Whoop!

Jimbo is a Lettering Artist Extraordinaire from Zagreb, Croatia & Barcelona, Spain. He is a co-founder of ShoutBam! – a creative studio he runs together with his equally fantastic partner, Tea. Two creative unicorns ?? !

In this episode, Jimbo drops soooo much goodness, honestly, it’s gold! Without giving away too much, Jimbo goes into being really passionate about things, niching and has the BEST tips on how to manage stressful situations and dealing with overwhelm. We talk about the social space, mental health and being Multi in biz. It’s so so good!

Jimbo has a really cool quote with a great background story to it; he tells all about it in the episode. Here is the quote: “Be consistent in what you love so you enjoy it when you’re not doing it.”

You can find Jimbo and Tea on Instagram: ⁠@jimbobernaus⁠ & ⁠@shoutbam⁠ as well as on ⁠ShoutBam.com⁠ and Youtube! Their Procreate brushes and products are incredible. For the cover of Joke’s Joyful Journey, I actually used their ⁠Eazy 3D Lettering Builder⁠ (available on ⁠Designcuts⁠). As you can tell, I’m a big fan!

Go have a listen and enjoy all the brilliant creative deliciousness and tag us when you get creative with Jimbo’s quote. We would love to hear from you!

Here is the episode:

Please find the transcript here.

Have fun!

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Getting creative with Jimbo’s quote 🙂

Pops of colour! ?

With the AMAZING @jimbobernaus from @shoutbam on the podcast (link in bio), colours are just EVERYWHERE ?

So for his quote, ‘Be consistent in what you love, so you love it when you’re not doing it’, it was clear to me: COLOURS are KEY!

I referenced their piece ‘More is More, Less is a Bore’ and used so many of their brushes and this piece is mostly done with their fonts and letters from their awesome digital products (check out their shop, on ShoutBam.com but also on @designcuts )

Have you gotten creative with Jimbo’s quote yet? Tag us if you do, we would love to see your creations!

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