24. Shreya Reddy – An Artistic Chicken


So happy to announce this episode of Joke’s Joyful Journey with the wonderful Watercolor Artist, Educator and friend from India: Shreya Reddy A.K.A. An Artistic Chicken.

Shreya and I have known each other through Instagram and we talk about conventional education vs the arts, painting, getting your mind off of things and using art as meditation. As an artist you have many media, how does Shreya tackle all the ideas she has? We also chat about Imposter Syndrome (we don’t like it!), roadblocks and feeling overwhelmed by everything. Oh yes, and perfectionism!

Her quote is a gentle reminder that we don’t always have to keep pushing through: “It’s okay to give up sometimes”. Please tag us when you get creative with it.

You can find Shreya mostly on Instagram (@anartisticchicken) and Facebook (@ShreyaReddy). Check out her amazing work and if you get the chance, book a workshop with her!

You can listen to the episode here:

Please find the transcript here: 24. Shreya Reddy – An Artistic Chicken_transcript