Workshop Hand-Lettering EN

27,00 excl. TAX

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Learning together and exploring the world of letters is so much fun. That is why we will learn together on Friday 27th of October from 15:00-18:00 CEST (Amsterdam), with a group of lettering enthusiasts. The workshop is ideal for beginners but also great if you're already familiar with lettering. Learn about and practice letter shapes, letter styles, composition and more during this live online workshop Hand-Lettering (English).

What are we going to do?
- We're exploring letters! Where do you find them and how do you get inspiration?
- We'll learn about basic shapes of letters and how to create letters.
- What are some common mistakes? What do you see? And how do you prevent and/or fix them?
- We'll practice 3 letter styles and find out where the thin and thick lines go. And why!
- Of course, we'll dress the letters. We'll go from boring to fancy letters. Think 3D, flourishes and more.
- Letters become words and we'll turn a cool quote into an awesome composition.
- There will be tips and tricks and plenty of time and space for questions.

After the workshop, you'll have a creative quote design and you'll be able to create your own beautiful letters and creations. Yay!

What do you need?
To hand-letter you don't need much. A pencil, eraser and paper is all you need. However, to hand-letter more thoroughly and create a (colourful) finished piece, the following is nice to have:
- A pencil (preferably 2B)
- An eraser
- A ruler (30 cm)
- A fine liner (0.2mm and bigger like 0.4/0.5mm. Any brand will do; Micron or UniPin are great)
- 2 black brushpens (one with a smaller tip, like Fudenosuke, and one with a bigger tip, like TomBow)
- Coloured pencils and/or markers - Crayola's are a great affordable option
- Tracing paper (charcoal) or chalk
- A4 printing paper
- If you can/need: Smooth paper (e.g. laser printing paper)
- If you want to have the end result on a nice piece of cardstock, you can have that ready too.

You will receive a digital workbook and a link to Google Meet, a week before the workshop (16th-20th of October). I will record the workshop so you can watch the replay if you won't be able to be there live. If you have any questions already, please send them to and I'll make sure to answer them during the workshop.

Until October 9th there's an Early Bird price of €27 excluding TAX/VAT. Do you have a creative biz? You'll learn some skills and techniques you can use for your business.

I look forward to seeing you on October 27th. Yay!

Creative regards,