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With the Composition Ruler Bundle, you can sketch stunning lettering layouts hassle-free!

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The ultimate tool for creating professional-quality lettering compositions.

  • 3-inch Composition Ruler
  • 5-inch Composition Ruler
  • Lettering Composition Handbook

Do you ever struggle to create well-balanced and visually appealing layouts for your lettering projects? It can be a frustrating and time-consuming process, but with Nico Ng's Composition Ruler Bundle, you can sketch stunning lettering layouts hassle-free!

A very versatile ruler. This ruler is designed to make experimenting with different layout styles and shapes for various projects a breeze!

Craft professional-looking layouts with ease. The templates of this ruler allow you to express your creativity by personalizing your unique lettering design with the variety of shapes available!

Effortlessly draw well-balanced lettering. Thanks to the ruler's guidelines and measurement markers, you can skip the tedious process of manual measuring.


3-inch Composition Ruler
* 3.75” x 8.75”, 1.5mm clear acrylic

5-inch Composition Ruler
* 5.75” x 8.75”, 2mm clear acrylic


  • Skip the hassle of manual measurement & freely customize the widths of your layout words with the Measurement Markers.
  • Customize a finer grid for smaller layout shapes using the ¼ & ⅛ Measurement Guides.
  • Easily balance your lettering with perfectly aligned layout shapes using the Vertical Center Line.
  • Effortlessly draw simple or complex layout shapes combinations using the Main Composition Templates.
  • Get creative with the smaller layout shapes in your lettering using the Mini Composition Templates.

Lettering Composition Handbook
* 5.75" x 8.5", 52-pages
* Topics include: Lettering Composition Study, Analyzing the Quote, Dividing & Arranging the Quote, Assigning Shapes for the Layout, Choosing the Right Lettering Style, Decorations & Letter Effects, Composition Ruler Exercises



“...Composing or laying out text can be challenging when dealing with more than two words. But with the help of a composition ruler, it becomes super easy.…” - JC (@jcjang_)

“...The ruler also helps keep my lettering balanced, as well as gives me ideas on how to layout my work differently every time…” - Inna (@letteringbarista)

“... It's a single tool that can replace several, and it's simple, fun, and the results are very satisfying! …” - Alessandro (@alessandro_paris15)

“...I find it especially useful for creating pieces with curves or diagonals. It should absolutely be a part of your toolset…” - Yuin-Y (@elvenstar)

“..these rulers help me create and discover a wide variety of compositions for my outputs. Nico’s rulers are a must-have for every lettering artist, especially beginners.…” - Rye (@ryecasas)


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Disclaimer: Please note that the ruler you receive may have a sticker with either the label "Grid Ruler" or "Letter Ruler". Rest assured that regardless of the label, the product you receive is identical in its features and functionality.