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With Nico Ng‘s Composition Ruler, you can sketch stunning lettering layouts hassle-free!

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The ultimate tool for creating professional-quality lettering compositions.

Do you ever struggle to create well-balanced and visually appealing layouts for your lettering projects? It can be a frustrating and time-consuming process, but with Nico Ng's Composition Ruler, you can sketch stunning lettering layouts hassle-free!

A very versatile ruler. This ruler is designed to make experimenting with different layout styles and shapes for various projects a breeze!

Craft professional-looking layouts with ease. The templates of this ruler allow you to express your creativity by personalizing your unique lettering design with the variety of shapes available!

Effortlessly draw well-balanced lettering. Thanks to the ruler's guidelines and measurement markers, you can skip the tedious process of manual measuring.


3-inch Composition Ruler
* 3.75” x 8.75”, 1.5mm clear acrylic


  • Skip the hassle of manual measurement & freely customize the widths of your layout words with the Measurement Markers.
  • Customize a finer grid for smaller layout shapes using the ¼ & ⅛ Measurement Guides.
  • Easily balance your lettering with perfectly aligned layout shapes using the Vertical Center Line.
  • Effortlessly draw simple or complex layout shapes combinations using the Main Composition Templates.
  • Get creative with the smaller layout shapes in your lettering using the Mini Composition Templates.



“...Composing or laying out text can be challenging when dealing with more than two words. But with the help of a composition ruler, it becomes super easy.…” - JC (@jcjang_)

“...The ruler also help keep my lettering balanced, as well as gives me ideas on how to layout my work differently every time…” - Inna (@letteringbarista)

“... It's a single tool that can replace several, and it's simple, fun, and the results are very satisfying! …” - Alessandro (@alessandro_paris15)

“...I find it especially useful for creating pieces with curves or diagonals. It should absolutely be a part of your toolset…” - Yuin-Y (@elvenstar)

“..these rulers help me create and discover a wide variety of compositions for my outputs. Nico’s rulers are a must-have for every lettering artist, especially beginners.…” - Rye (@ryecasas)


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Shipping in the Netherlands: €5.

Please note: Orders are shipped within 1-2 working days.

Disclaimer: Please note that the ruler you receive may have a sticker with either the label "Grid Ruler" or "Letter Ruler". Rest assured that regardless of the label, the product you receive is identical in its features and functionality.