Paint an impact

Level up your space and get that awesome mural or window sign!

Mural - mahlstick

Authentic lettering

Bring the craft into your space with a hand-painted mural or window drawing. You will absolutely make an authentic impact so you’ll connect with your audience.

Below you’ll see some of my work. Murals start as small as 1m2. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Mural - CrossFit0475
Mural - Creativity Takes Courage

Call & Meet-up

Let’s start with a call to see if we’re a match. If so (yay),  I’ll come to your space to check it out. We’ll discuss your wishes and brief. Of course, we’ll arrange the contract and things here too 🙂



Next, I’ll take all the info and sketch the initial concept. The sketch is mocked up so you’ll get a good idea of how it looks in ‘real life’. We have one feedback round to go over the sketch and come to the final concept.



We agreed on the design to go on your wall, whoop! So now it’s time to paint that design!



We finished the project and your space is spiced up! We will take a moment to evaluate the wall and I will then ask you for a Google review to wrap it up. So much yay!

Joke Wijn – The Green Nib

Murals start as small as 1m2. Contact me if you have a project or have any questions. I would love to work with you!