22. Max Juric – Lettering Daily


Woohoo, I’m still so grateful and pinching myself: the wonderful Lettering Artist Max Juric from Lettering Daily is my next guest!

Transitioning from graffiti into lettering and calligraphy, Max has been drawing and writing letters professionally for over 7 years. He runs the awesome platform and content hub ‘Lettering Daily’. As Max says: “My mission at Lettering Daily is to empower individuals, from beginners to experienced artists, to discover the joy of hand lettering and calligraphy. Through valuable resources, tutorials, and inspiration, I aim to help people improve and grow in their craft. Whether you’re looking to develop a new skill or take your existing abilities to the next level, I’m here to help you achieve your goals.”

And wow, there is a ton of fantastic content on his website, lettering-daily.com! If you sign up for his newsletter, you even get access to the cool ‘Lettering Crate’, which has exclusive free content to help you with your lettering & calligraphy journey.

In this episode, Max speaks openly and candidly about so many topics such as studying different subjects, prioritizing tasks and ideas, working for and by yourself and learning from ‘bad’ experiences. Max knows what it’s like to make mistakes and how to go from ‘all directions’ to a structured and planned way of working. He talks about feeling burned out and his biggest breakthrough through his challenge ‘100 Days of Lettering’ (check it out on YouTube!). And if you are wondering how to deal with having many ideas and how to monetize your work, Max has tips and a process for that too!

His quote fits perfectly to what we were chatting about in the episode: “When Everything is important, nothing is important” – Gino Wickman. Tag us when you get creative with it! And if you need any help, check out his site 🙂 You can find Max on almost all the platforms, such as Instagram (@Lettering_daily) and of course, his website (lettering-daily.com⁠).

Chatting with Max has been absolutely amazing and so insightful. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.

You can listen to the episode here:

Please find the transcript here: 22. Max Juric – Lettering Daily_Transcript