30. Natalie Brown – Threeologie – Hand Lettering Artist and Designer


I’m still a bit fangirling, hehe. Having the very talented Natalie Brown from Threeologie as a guest on ‘Joke’s Joyful Journey’ is such a treat! What a way to conclude the series!

Natalie has been in the Hand Lettering and Design business full-time for over 7 years now; she helps clients from all over the world and she loves helping other artists to fulfil their full potential as artists, and enabling them to earn a passive income.

Natalie does it all! She is a true unicorn; she sells online courses, creates digital content, paints murals, designs logos and so more!

We had a ton of fun, chatting about learning new things, following your curiosity, using different art mediums, being intrigued by programs and software and what it’s like to learn things by yourself as compared to going to school for the specific education.

In this episode, Natalie describes her process around ideas and all the things she wants to do. She doesn’t get overwhelmed, wow, so it’s extremely insightful to hear her process and how she does the things.

Of course, we also talk about the ‘syndromes’, from Imposter to the fear of not being relevant in the design world. How do art and lettering fit into it? Very, very interesting!

There are so many more cool things we mention in this episode; it was so amazing!

Her quote is also really cool:

“A mind stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions.”

Check out the episode to hear the full story. Will you tag us when you get creative with the quote?

You can find Natalie as ‘Threeologie’ basically everywhere on the internet, like Instagram (@Threeologie), TikTok and Pinterest. Her website is threeologie.com where you can find all the wonderful things.

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You can find the transcript here: Natalie Brown – Threeologie – Transcript

Quote - A Mind Stretched

Quote – A Mind Stretched