29. Karla Fripp – Hand Letterer, Illustrator and Graphic Designer



From South Caroline, USA, my lovely friend Karla Fripp is joining ‘Joke’s Joyful Journey’. Karla and I have collaborated on her ‘Meet The Maker’ series and now I’m thrilled to have her as a guest on the show and work together again.

Karla loves anything creative and she tries out anything she’s interested in; from pottery to block printing. She is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer and also does hand-lettering.

In this episode, we chat about her big, scary and hairy goals, starting many projects and finishing them, multitasking (or not) and what it’s like to get overfocused.

Karla is familiar with having many ideas, getting bored quickly and ‘all the syndromes’. Other topics we touch on are social media, ‘scrolling’ and the creative community.

You can find Karla on Instagram (@karlafrippcreative) and her website (karlafrippcreative.com) where you can find all the amazing things she creates, like her freshly published ‘Working Robots’ Colouring book.

Her quote is so wonderful and we would love to see you get creative with it: “Be positive, patient and persistent”.

Listen to the episode to hear all about it!

Enjoy 🙂

You can find the transcript here: Karla Fripp transcript

Quote - Be Positive

Quote – Be Positive

“Be positive, patient and persistent” – @karlafrippcreative

I love Karla’s quote. To hear the full story behind it, check out her podcast episode on ‘Joke’s Joyful Journey’ – available on the podcast platforms and link in bio 🙂

Will you get creative with this quote too? Tag us if you do, we would love to see your creations!