28. Tara Leslie – Artist and Coach



From the Outback in Australia, the wonderful Mixed Media Fine Artist & Creative Coach Tara Leslie is joining this episode of ‘Joke’s Joyful Journey’.

Tara has been creative her whole life, she could draw before she could write, and in her professional career she has dipped her toes in many ponds; from being trained as a Graphic Designer to doing color correcting.

Now she is building her business as a Mixed Media Artist and Creative Coach, helping others to creative unblock and how to create every day.

Tara is such a gentle and creative person and the insights and experiences she shares are just marvellous.

We touch on so many things; what it’s like to build a creative business, being a multipotentialite and having an ADHD brain, how to not burn and wear yourself out, FOMO, systems, what to do with all of your ideas, listening to your gut, Shiny Object and Project Syndrome, (not) finishing things and so much more.

Tara draws several insightful comparisons to help with perspective and learning how to trust yourself, trust the process and build your skills.

We also talk about mental health and creative health, perfectionism, leaning into the uncomfortable, your inner critic and your inner creative child and play as inspiration. Tara gives a sneak preview of her workshops were she goes deeper into all of this.

And, how cool is this, for listeners of ‘Joke’s Joyful Journey’, she has even created freebies to help you begin your journey to creative unblock: ⁠https://www.taraleslie.com/thegreennib⁠. So much goodness!! Juicy stuff right?!

Tara has two quotes she likes to share with you:

– “We can do hard things if we remain gently consistent”

– “Lean into the unfamiliar until it becomes familiar”

You don’t have to choose, you can get creative with both quotes and we would love to see your creations, so make sure to tag us 🙂

You can find Tara on Instagram (⁠@iamtaraleslie⁠) and her website (⁠taraleslie.com⁠), where you can find soo much awesomeness (including the freebies!).


Please find the transcript here: Tara Leslie_transcript