27. Rosanna Palumbo – Love Letter Studio

Meeting my talented course buddy and friend, Rosanna Palumbo, from Love Letter Studio, has been so much fun.

In our chat on ‘Joke’s Joyful Journey’, we deep dive into the world of lettering, calligraphy, Procreate, the iPad and our nemesis, vectorization.

Rosanna embodies multipotentialism and she loves shiny objects. She talks about her experiences from working in the dental department, working on ceramic teeth to being a mom and a teacher. Thanks to a dear friend of hers, she got back into the lettering game and has been hooked ever since.

We talk about being course collectors (check out her ‘course management’ system!) and eager to start new things, as well as what it’s like to be self-critical and how we spend useless time on worrying.

As she wanted to follow her own progress, she set up her Instagram account, @Loveletterstudio, where she showcases her fantastic work.

I love the advice Rosanna is giving in this episode and though challenging, her quote is great to take up: “Live in the moment”.


Please find the transcript here: Rosanna_transcript

Quote - Live in the moment

Quote – Live in the moment

Do you live in the moment? Or do you tend to overthink things, worrying about the future or other ‘what if’s and buts’? (I wanted to add another t here haha).

This quote is from Joke’s Joyful Journey’s podcast episode with Rosanna from @loveletterstudio_

For the full episode, check out the podcast platforms and thegreennib.nl/podcast.

Tag us if you get creative with the quote! Would love to see your creations.

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