23. Anna Kamal – Love Letters Academy

Energy Bouncing! That’s what this episode is all about. The wonderful Anna Kamal from Love Letters SG & Love Letters Academy has such a fun and warm energy, it was an absolute treat to have her as a guest on Joke’s Joyful Journey.

Being a Brush pen Calligrapher as well as a Teacher and mother of 3, Anna knows what it’s like to juggle all the things. We go deeper into wanting to do all the things by ourselves, being present and how it’s really important to ask for help: it’s a superpower!

What does it mean to be a Multipotentialite? Do you have to know everything about multiple subjects? Or wanting to do so many things and feeling like “what is wrong with me?” and how do you concentrate and focus? Analysis paralysis, ‘Netflixing it away’ LOL and also: not every idea has to be executed. Anna and I talk all about it. We also cover things like outsourcing, feeling rushed and the wonders of the creative community.

Speaking of which, you can find Anna best on Facebook (@loveletterssg) and Instagram (@loveletterssg). Have a look at all the amazing things she does!

Her quote is a really cool one:

“Every master was once a distaster” – T. Harv Eker. Make sure to tag us and show us your calligraphy and lettering creations!

You can listen to the episode here:


Please find the transcript here: 23. Anna Kamal – Love Letters Academy_Transcript