20. James Martin – Made By James


I still cannot believe this actually happened… The brilliantly creative and nicest human James Martin, co-founder of Creative and Animation studio Baby Giant Design Co, and, of course, his personal brand Made By James, is on Joke’s Joyful Journey! Waaahhh! Pinch, pinch eh!

As an agency owner, logo and brand identity designer, invigorator, and educator, James helps creatives on their path to greatness. And wow, does he know his stuff! In our wonderful chat, James talks about offering an honest voice in the current loud world, Social Media, how everybody is a Multipotentialite to some extent, and about the willingness to commit to your creative career.

His awesome career has been over 20 years in the making, with winding roads and a ton of experience. So James definitely knows what it takes and it is so great that James is leaning into the educational space and sharing his knowledge and wisdom with the world. It has been very humbling and lots of fun talking to James.

The gems James is dropping in this episode are simply marvelous. Topics like happiness, success, the design world, distractions, trend hopping, and having many ideas.. need I say more?

You can find James on Instagram (@made.by.james), YouTube (@madebyjames), LinkedIn (@JamesMartin), and of course themadebyjames.com. James has the best resources for living your best logo life and running a creative business. There are several ways of getting a bit of James (and you definitely should, haha); subscribe to his newsletter to grab the most EPIC giveaways and receive amazing nuggets of wisdom, or sign up for his Logo Legends Course (I’m so happy to be a Logo Legend too! The community is awesome, check it out!), or get a copy of his book ‘Your Honest Guide to Creativity and Logo Design‘. It’s all so good!

As James mentions hard work finding your passion – how cool is this perspective? – his quote is the epitome of that: “Effort is Free”. Go and get creative with it and put the words into action. Tag us when you do, we’d love to see your creations!

You can listen to the episode here:

Enjoy! ?

[Please find the transcript here:James Martin – Made By James transcript]


“Effort is Free” – James Martin (Made By James) ?

I thought I’d give a go at animating James’s quote, as a little ‘hi’ to his animation studio ?

Of course, it’s nowhere near his studio’s animation awesomeness but I put my effort in. And effort is free ☺️

Have you gotten creative with James’s quote? For more of his story and amazing tips and nuggets of wisdom, check out his episode on ‘Joke’s Joyful Journey’ ?️

Tag us when you do, we’d love to see your creations! ?✍️??

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