18. Alanna Flowers – Lettering Artist & Designer


“No one is you, and that is your power” (-Dave Grohl-) This quote rings so true and is from the wonderful and talented Alanna Flowers.

I’m still smiling ear to ear from this chat. Alanna Flowers is a freelance lettering artist and designer based in Brooklyn, NY where she runs AGF Design Studio (btw, can you guess where the G stands for?). As a lettering artist, she creates work using bold lettering in a range of styles for brands like Adobe, The Los Angeles Times, and American Greetings. In addition to working with clients, she enjoys sharing what she knows about lettering, digital art, and freelance through YouTube and other social channels. Throughout her career, she hopes to become a prominent voice in the spaces that she occupies so that other creatives that look like her, can feel uplifted and learn from her experiences.

Alanna has such a positive outlook on life and it was so much fun chatting with her. We talked about her running list of goals, her experience as a trained Graphic Designer and her discovery of the word ‘Multipotentialite’. We go over how to deal with overwhelm and putting your eggs into which basket. We even chat about planners (hello notebook lovers) and a Joy Jar!

You can find Alanna basically everywhere 🙂 Make sure to follow her and show her ?

Portfolio: agfdesignstudio.com YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/agfdesignstudio Newsletter: https://agfdesignstudio.ck.page Instagram: @alanna_flowers Twitter: @alanna_flowers TikTok: @alanna_flowers Pinterest: @agfdesignstudio

Alanna has an amazing course on Domestika, all about lettering quotes in Adobe Fresco: ‘Expressive Lettering of Inspirational Quotes in Adobe Fresco’

You can listen to the episode here:

Enjoy and tag us when you get creative with her quote!

[Please find the transcript here: 18. Alanna Flowers_transcript_EN]