17. Kimberly Snider – Play Art With Kim


“Play Art and Spread Joy”

This is the motto of the creative virtuoso Kimberly Snider from Play Art With Kim. And you know, chatting with Kim always makes me so happy and she really does spread joy. Of course she had to be on this joyful journey!

Kim is an amazing person and she shares the joy through in-person classes, her super cool blog ‘Wonderful Word Wednesday’ and various campaigns, like ‘Spread the Love’.

In our chat, we talk about having a lot of materials and sitting amongst your supplies – as Multipotential creatives like to do LOL – and the big struggle of Imposter Syndrome. Kim’s big goal is so good, I am not going to mention it here, you’ll have to definitely check it out.

Make sure to check her blog – especially the one on ‘Virtuoso’! – , website (playartwithkim.com) and Socials (Instagram @playartwithkim, Facebook @playartwithkim). Be sure to subscribe to her email list because her email list people are her community and always get first dibs!! And her newsletters and emails are great!

You can listen to the episode here

Enjoy the episode and tag us when you get creative and play with the quote! ?‍?

[Please find the transcript here: 17. Kimberly Snider_transcript]
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“Play Art and Spread Joy” – isn’t that just the best motto?! ?

For more wisdom and joyful chat, listen to the episode of ‘Joke’s Joyful Journey’ with the art virtuoso Kim Snider from @playartwithkim. It’s such an energetic episode ?

You can find the episode on the platforms for podcasts and of course, via the link in my bio.

Tag us when you get creative and playful with the quote! ?

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