16. Bianca Simons – Coach, Trainer, MP, Improv

“You need to be yourself to be happy”

This is one awesome quote by fellow tattoo lover, coach, trainer, multi-passionate and Improv Bianca Simons. Our chat on ‘Joke’s Joyful Journey’ was a lot of fun and Bianca tells all about being a muli-passionate as well has having an ADD brain, how to handle the major overflow of a ton of ideas, the impact of vitamins and how to integrate focus in your life.

We chatted about many interesting topics and thoughts in this energetic episode! We were even having multiple conversations at once, with each other and with our brains. Even Beyonce popped by.

You can find Bianca mostly on Instagram (@biancasimons.nl) but she also has 3 different websites: her Online Academy for Multi-Passionates, her business website (mindsetvoorsucces.nl) and her own website (biancasimons.nl). Other social media accounts of Bianca are Tik Tok (@bianca_simons) and LinkedIn (@biancasimons).

In the episode, Bianca mentions the following book (NL & not affiliated): ‘F*ck die Onzekerheid’ by Vreneli Stadelmaier.

Check out our episode and get creative with the cool quote (don’t forget to tag us!). You can listen to the episode here: 

[Please find the transcript here: 16. Bianca Simons_transcript EN]


The more you are trying to be someone else, the further away you get from being yourself and the unhappier you will be.

You are unique. Why would you want to be anybody else? Comparison is the thief of joy so embrace who you are and be you! I even have it tattooed on my arm (crazy eh). Be you. Be happy.

This quote is from the podcast episode with @biancasimons.nl Listen to the episode for more good stuff! You can find the episode on the podcast platforms and in my ‘link in bio’.

Have you listened to the episode yet? Do you compare yourself to others? How does it help you?

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