06. Marieke ☀️ MaMarketing.nl ☀️ Social Media Manager & more

Whenever Marieke and I chat, we just laugh. A lot. ?
Join in on the fun in this episode of ‘Joke’s Joyful Journey’ where Marieke and I talk about running a biz as a Social Media Manager as well as working part-time AND having a shop in homemade earrings. I mean, Marieke does it all. Have a listen to how Marieke and I discuss how to combine the things you love doing without tripping over your own feet and exhausting yourself.
As a Social Media Manager, Marieke knows all there is about social media and it’s great to hear her view on creative communities and about being yourself in this imposter-rich environment. She also has a special offer for you; so go ahead and listen to the episode to grab that offer!
You can find Marieke on Instagram, for MaMarketing.nl and MariCreations.nl. Her website is www.mamarketing.nl.
I also just love her quote. Please tag us if you’re getting creative with it! 
This episode is in Dutch. For the non-Dutch speaking lovely people, the episode also has in English. Please find the transcripts here: Dutch transcript and English transcript.

You can listen to her episode here:


Her episode is also available on Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.
Enjoy! ☀️

“Special moments with your loved ones are so important in life” – Marieke ☀️ @mamarketing.nl ??

That’s why she has the quote “Collect Moments, not Things”.

For the design, I referenced her logo, because ‘MaMarketing’ and ‘MoMents’ match just perfectly. Marieke and I worked on her logo together and she wanted a vintage vibe, so I added that to her quote too ?

And, of course, her lovely colours pink, blue and her smiley stars in yellow ⭐️

All of this came together and I’m loving the vibe ?

Tag us if you’re getting creative with this quote too!


And DM me if you like a new logo ?

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