04. Estée Dauphin ? Art Director & Senior Graphic Designer

In this episode of ‘Joke’s Joyful Journey’, I’m chatting with the wonderful Estée Dauphin, a French-Canadian Art Director and Senior Graphic Designer with a brilliant big, scary hairy goal.

Tune in and listen all about how Estée got over her Shiny Object Syndrome, learning to say no, closing and opening doors, sticky notes and purple people. Estée has a great way of still being able to sleep with Imposter Syndrome – yes, even after 12 years in the biz – and her quote is very calming. Also, we laugh a lot in this episode. Estée is really, really funny!

You can find Estée on Instagram (DM her, she’s totally up for a chat!) and her website.

In addition, Estée and her fellow Graphic Designer friend, Aimée, have a podcast called ‘Koua‘, where they chat (in Canadian French) about running your own creative business.

You can listen to the chat here:

This episode is also available on Anchor, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Please find the transcript here.

Enjoy! ?

Estée’s (@bricoleuse_d.images ) mom has such a great quote. ?

Listen to Estée’s episode to hear all about the story behind it and Estée’s journey. Check the link in bio ?

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