03. Nadine Wendel ? Nadine’s Urban Jungle

My third guest is my wonderful friend Nadine Wendel ?

Nadine Wendel is extremely versatile and creative. She is a Project Manager by day, a Knitting Superwoman and Urban Jungle Queen by night. She has her own podcast: Nadine’s Urban Jungle where she shares her journey of growing plants in her home. ? Learn with her as she discovers how to grow those lovely greens. Make sure to subscribe to her podcast as well as follow her on Instagram :).

Also, for the knitting lovers; Nadine talks all about patterns and how to deal with wanting to buy and try them all! Check out her account on Ravelry.

Her quote is also amazing. Make sure to tag us if you are getting creative with it! Maybe knit or cross-stitch it?

Check out her episode here:

Her episode is also on Anchor, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Please find the transcript here.

Enjoy! ?