02. Dominique Falla ⚡ Creative Funnel Coach

The superstars just keep on coming! #canyoubelieveit?!
This time, it’s the amazing creative Dominique Falla! Dominique is the founder of Typism, host of the Creative Spark Podcast, creator of the Funnelancing™ Movement and a Creative Funnel Coach redefining the way creative freelancers value their work. She has packaged everything she knows about building funnels into helping you build yours.

In this episode of ‘Joke’s Joyful Journey’, we dive deeper into Multipotentialism, shiny objects and feeling like a little Jack Russell with a tennis ball. Dominique has a unique way of finding your one thing that overlaps all of the things you like and want to do. Her mission is to turn your creative spark into a flame!

We also talk about setting goals and funnel hacking. Such fun!!

Check out her website – www.dominiquefalla.com – for lots of tools and free worksheets. Make sure to follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her wonderful podcast.

Listen to her episode here:

This episode is also live on Anchor, Spotify and Apple podcasts. Please find the transcript here.
Enjoy! ⚡


Do you exercise it every day?

Dominique Falla mentions this quote at the end of our chat and wow, this is such a great one.

For this lettering piece, I obviously leaned in (see what I did there?) on the exercise part and used colours to reflect Dominique. I used different brushes and techniques, from different artists and amazing people (Aurelie Maron, ShoutBam and more!) and a mixture of my own ?

It’s a great reminder to exercise daily; both working out as well as stretching and flexing your creativity.


I highly recommend you listen to Dominique’s episode on the ‘Joke’s Joyful Journey’ podcast⚡️>> the tennis balls will then totally make sense! ?? I promise ?

Dominique has some delicious golden nuggets to share. Her view on creativity and Multipotentialism is fantastic!

Also, join us in getting creative with her quote and tag @dominique_falla and me (@the_green_nib). Can’t wait to see your creations!

Photo: @unsplash

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