01. Aurelie Maron ✨ Multi-passionate Lettering Artist

My gosh, I’m still a bit star-struck!! ✨

The very first guest of Joke’s Joyful Journey is no one other than the super talented multi-passionate lettering artist Aurelie Maron. Aurelie is from the Gold Coast, Australia, and her mission is to produce the highest quality work for every client, on every creative project. She thrives to share her knowledge with upcoming designers and hand-letterers.


In this episode, we chat about her creative journey, from Graphic Design and client work to her amazing courses such as Digital Product Secrets and Nostalgia Lettering Course. Check out her systems for how to tackle having many ideas and how to never stare at a blank page ever again.

You can find Aurelie on Instagram and her website. Feel free to contact her as she always answers personally to everybody!

You can listen to the episode here:

The episode is also live on Anchor, Spotify and on Apple Podcasts

Please find the transcript here.

Enjoy! ✨ 

                                                    ✨ Never Stop Learning ✨

Aurelie gave this really nice quote as a creative prompt. How appropriate with all her amazing courses!

I created this piece, using some of her Nostalgia brushes. Aurelie now has another fantastic course: Lettering Style Secrets and she’s hosting a Lettering Style Challenge. Go check it all out!

Will you get creative with her prompt too? Tag Aurelie (@aureliemaron) and me (@the_green_nib) on Instagram and/or use the hashtags #jjjpodcast, #jokesjoyfuljourney and #jjj. We would love. to see your creations!

Photo: @unsplash

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